My name is Tim Schaffer, a freelance writer living in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts.

I have been writing all of my adult life. My degrees are in Secondary English Education with a Master’s culminating project on the creative writing process. My work since then has always included various writing elements, albeit indirectly: newsletters, lesson plans, skits, business letters, and technical writing. And, of course, just-for-fun writing of all kinds.

As a freelancer, my favorite pieces to compose are stories from my life, personal reflections, light humorous pieces, and informative non-fiction – and you’ll find lots of examples of these here on Timbits. My non-fiction naturally gravitates towards my particular personal interests – history, science, literature, and religion – but I’m comfortable writing on virtually any subject I have the opportunity to learn about. I also dabble in fiction.

Having worked eight years for a life insurance company, I am adept at writing professional correspondence, form letters, or technical procedures. Timbits isn’t exactly the venue for that work so you won’t find it here, but I honestly rather enjoy it!

Finally, Reader, if you find my writing style or voice appealing and would like to see what I can do beyond the confines of this outline, by all means please ask! I’m open to (just about) anything.

In the meantime, happy reading!

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