These posts contain an autobiographical element. Some are stories; some are reflections; some are funny; some are serious. But all are me.

Tim Talks Turkey - Extra! Extra! Tim makes excuses for not posting anything in eight months! A Timbits Newsflash Exclusive!
The Minimal Maturity Required - Some amusing moments from my childhood when I wished, discovered, or imagined I was growing up.
Man on the Street - Sometimes the first step to finding work is deciding what you will not do.
7 Wonders Appendix – The Runners-Up and Wonders Map - The semi-wonders that didn't make the final seven. It includes a family favorite: the Legend of Killer Chipmunk Island. The Seven Wonders of Hague - Part 10.
The Seven Wonders of Hague - This is the introductory first post in a series about the natural and human history of Hague, NY.
2014 in Books - Each January I post a list of books I read the previous year. Here's 2014's!
Christmas Quote Mix Tape - A mix of holiday memories, quotes, and music.
Giving Thanks – 2014 Edition - This is a cross section of the blessings of my past year. What makes your list?
The Truth About Dogs - Thoughts about dogs, Masters, picking up excrement, and prayer.
Nobody Likes a Mercenary - A tale of epic rivalry between student and (substitute) teacher
Workplace Poems - Poems inspired by moments at work - some even written on scraps of paper while on the job. Some are of the laugh-to-keep-from-crying variety.
My 6th Grade Journal - This is an essay I wrote for 11th grade English class that I still feel good about half a life later.
Something Borrowed: Passing on some enduring advice - Ten years ago, as a scared suitor, my future father-in-law offered me some sound advice. Here's what I've worked out since.
What Then Art Thou Romeo? - The story of how we acquired our first cat - and some startling subsequent revelations.
Breaking New Ground… - A short introduction to why on earth I'm starting a blog instead of getting a real job.

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