These touch on subjects in that catch my fancy. Most are objectively-written articles; a few are more casual or opinion-pieces; all draw on things I’ve learned, read, or researched.

Out of Place: 5 Place Names That Began With Mistakes - We all make mistakes, but woe to us when our mistakes become permanent record for all future generations.
Wonder 7: Monster! - Nessie is nice, and Champ is no chump; but I just love George. The Seven Wonder of Hague Part 9
Wonder 6: Elephant Rock - Granite and graffiti make a beloved pachyderm. The Seven Wonders of Hague - Part 8
Wonder 5.5: Graphite Mines – Bat Bust - The story of the Hague Mines continue - this time with their transformation into a bat sanctuary. The Seven Wonders of Hague - Part 7
Wonder 5: Graphite Mines – Boom Town - "There's plumbago in them there hills!" Hague's small but significant role in world industry. The Seven Wonders of Hague - Part 6
Wonder 4: Split Rock - Split Rock is not only a boulder of impressive size but also boasts story worthy of the Brothers Grimm. The Seven Wonders of Hague - Part 5
Wonder 3: The Indian Kettles - "Indian Kettles" couldn't be a less-accurate name - read to find out why. Plus: a short geological history of the Adirondacks. The Seven Wonders of Hague - Part 4
Wonder 2: The Final Resting Place of Ruben Davis - Telling the tale of a daring and colorful family. The Seven Wonders of Hague - Part 3
Wonder 1: Rogers’ Rock - My family has told the tall tale of Rogers' Rock to visitors for many years. But is it true? - The Seven Wonders of Hague - Part 2
The Seven Wonders of Hague - This is the introductory first post in a series about the natural and human history of Hague, NY.
Why Isn’t the Sky Blue? - Some thoughts about the fascinating relationship between language, thoughts, and perception.
Ferguson - The turmoil over Ferguson reminds me of another defining moment in American history - but I don't mean the 1960's.
Seriously, Though: Do we laugh to learn? - Are the categories "funny strange" and "funny ha-ha" an accident of language, or could there be a connection between humor and learning? ----Seriously Though: Part 4 of 4----
Seriously, Though: Do we laugh just to let off some steam? - A good laugh can make us feel mentally and emotionally refreshed. Could this be a clue as to why humor evolved? ---- Seriously Though: Part 3 of 4 ----
Seriously, Though: Do we laugh to get along? - Laughing brings people together; then again, jokes can be derisive and mean. How might these opposing forces make communities stronger and shed some light onto why humans evolved a sense of humor at all? ---- Seriously Though: Part 2 of 4 ----
Seriously, Though: What is Laughter? - A look at what laughter does to our brain and body, plus why it's so hard to stop once you start. ---- Seriously Though: Part 1 of 4 ----

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